Questions Your Eye Doctor Will Ask About Your Double Vision

Double vision (seeing two images of the object you are looking at) is most often experienced by adults with eye misalignment (strabismus), though occasionally can happen with children.

Here is a list of questions your eye doctor or their staff will likely ask you to better understand your double vision and what the treatment options might be. Thinking through these questions and their answers in advance will help with the evaluation.

  1. How long have you been seeing double?
  2. Are there any other associated problems, like headaches?
  3. Has your double vision been treated with either surgery or prism glasses?
  4. Did you have eye muscle problems as a child?
  5. How many images do you see?
  6. Does the double vision come and go or is it constant?
  7. Are the images separated side by side, one above the other, or some of both?
  8. Is one image tilted?
  9. Do you see the double vision looking far away or up close?
  10. Does the double vision go away if you cover your right eye or your left eye?

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