Optical/Glasses Department

In accordance with the state mandated "stay home, stay safe" order, our glasses department is closed until at least Friday, May 8th. We will be frequently checking our messages so please call (509) 838-2735 regarding any questions you may  have.

Contacts Department

To adhere to the state mandated order, we will also be closing our physical contacts department locations. To reach the contacts department, please call (509) 624-1516 and leave a message. We will check the messages as much as possible.


Spokane Optical Co.

A full-service optical center is available in each of Spokane Eye Clinic's three locations. Patients can purchase and repair eyeglasses as well as get fitted and order contact lenses through Spokane Optical Company (SOC). Even if you are not a current Spokane Eye Clinic patient, we are happy to fit you for either glasses or contact lenses. Simply bring your prescription with you or fax it to one of the locations listed below.

More about Glasses & Contacts

Optical and Contacts Hours (Different than Clinic Hours)

Closed Until Further Notice

South Hill/Downtown

Glasses (509) 838-2735
Contact Lenses (509) 624-1516
FAX (509) 747-2635

427 S Bernard St
Spokane, WA 99204



Glasses (509) 489-1272
Contact Lenses (509) 838-2736
FAX (509) 483-6547

9651 N Nevada St
Spokane, WA 99218


Spokane Valley

Glasses (509) 924-3020
Contact Lenses (509) 624-7801
FAX (509) 928-7802

16201 E Indiana Ave, Suite 5000
Spokane Valley, WA 99216