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Spokane Eye Surgery Center


7/6/17 - I think you aced it!  My fears were put to ease, everything explained in detail. (Dr. Whitted) Jackie A.

6/27/17 - Dr. Cheek is a "Miracle Worker"!  He and all members of the staff epitomize professionalism, care, and efficiency!  Thank you so much!  Nick M.

6/24/17 - Dr. Gugleilmo and the surgery team were awesome.  Jacquie E.

6/22/17 - Everything and Everyone were professional and my experience was pleasant and comfortable.  (Dr. Kamae) Elaine K.

6/20/17 - D did a very thorough job checking me in.  J got my IV in first time!  Thank you.  L did a great job with my anesthesia.  I don't remember anything!  M gave me easy to understand directions to go home with.  Thank you Dr. Jones and all of the staff for giving me such great care.  Jim C.

6/20/17 - You have an amazing staff!  Kudos to one and all.  Awesome experience!!!   Thank you! (Dr. Skoog) Paul E.

6/19/17 - Dr. Ranson - the best.  I would recommend him highly.  Staff very pleasant.  Seta T.

6/19/17 - Everything went on schedule and staff were pleasant in making me comfortable before and after surgery. Dr. Day did a Great Job. Mary S.

6/8/17 - All was handled very well and satisfactorily.  You are all Great.  (Dr. Whitted, surgeon) Edward H.

6/8/17 - It was actually a positive, fun experience.  Everyone seemed so happy to work there.  Even at 6:30 a.m. Christine A.

6/1 - Everything went real smooth.  Dr. Allar and entire staff were knowledgeable and attentive and I felt at ease before, during and after the surgery.  Well done and now I'm anxious for the next eye 2 weeks after the first. Phyllis W.

5/31 - Outstanding job all the way through the process!  (Dr. Brandt, surgeon) Roger A.

5/16/17 - You have very comfortable chairs - very convenient for moving from the pre-op cubicle to the operating room.  (Dr. Ranson, surgeon) Brenda H

3/7/17 - I received excellent care.  You have very caring friendly and supportive staff.  I felt well taken care of by everyone.  Everett I.

3/2/17 - I have ultimate respect for Dr. Jacobson.  What a team!  I witnessed all professionals working together with such kindness and compassion.  I felt very well prepared for surgery and cared for until the very end.  Kristy J

2/27/17 - The Spokane Eye Surgery Center has the most wonderful and caring staff.  I want to say Thank You.  Donald L

2/14/17 - In my 71 years, I have never seen a staff (it seemed like more than 20) so in tune to each other; so in sync.  You professionals, each and every one, should be so proud!  Every single one of you introduced yourselves, explained exactly what you were going to do, and what I should expect in return.  You immediately gained my trust and total respect. Mary L

2/1/17 - We really appreciate Dr. Kinard and her staff.  They were wonderful and put my fears at ease.  I have recommended her to a friend.  Krista C