Spokane Eye Clinic is proud to offer our patients the latest in secure access to their health care team! With our patient portal, you can:


  • Check your health history record

  • Send messages to your medical staff

  • Request medication renewals

  • Pay your bill online

  • Receive special promotions


Bellow are some common questions patients have about our portal. For any other questions, please call our patient portal hotline: 509.459.4594



Once logged in to your portal, click the mail tab followed by inbox. Your billing statements should be listed there. If you open the message, it will then give you a “pay now” link to click.  Billing statements do not preload so only billing statements approximately 30 days after completed enrollment will appear in your portal account.  Unfortunately, the statements tab does not work to access this so please make sure you are using the inbox to access these.





Patient portal accounts are not preloaded with past information regarding care. All of these moving forward should show up in patient portal account. If you would like previous patient plans or glasses/contacts Rx available, please contact the team at the patient portal line (509-459-4594) to have them pushed through.

If it is for multiple patients, you can use the same email address. However, user names must be different and email address should not be used when recovering passwords, only username.  If you have multiple providers with the NextGen patient portal, you cannot have multiple accounts. If this is the case, your accounts will need to be merged by adding a practice. To do this, you will get an enrollment token from the provider’s office that you are adding and enter it into the “Add practice” screen.  To access this, you will select “settings” followed by “Manage Practices”  follow all prompts and it should add your new practice making both clinics visible in one place. Some examples of other clinics in the area that use NextGen patient portal are Arthritis NW, Spokane ENT and  Spokane Dermatology.

Yes. We can create a patient portal account for the parent and add the children as dependents. This will give access to your children’s portal accounts until they are 18 years of age. This is easiest if the parent is a patient of the clinic or guarantor on medical insurance.